JANNE MILL is a brand that I have imagined for all those who cherish "timeless" clothes, in other words, this category of clothing that remains continually in the spirit of the times.

The starting point of this adventure is the creation of an ideal wardrobe. An idea that is based on a certain conception of fashion: "less is more". ... and then that feeling of satisfaction when I wear a piece I bought a few years ago, still as beautiful and timeless as ever!

Simplicity as a keyword, my idea is to create pretty basics, spontaneous pieces, to mix without asking too many questions, to wear easily in everyday life. Minimalist, chic, a bit rock and casual, and finally very often, that little couture detail that makes the difference ... This is how I imagine my ideal wardrobe!

Mommy of a little Iris since February 2018, I'm overjoyed ! By the way, you will find in my collections a pretty dress with her first name on it ! It's one of my proudest creations ! ... and to continue on this way, I had Baby 2 last May: Scarlett. 

As for my small company, she blew out her first candle in October 2017 ... All this wouldn't have been possible without you ! It is therefore important to say THANK YOU for your support, your patience and your kindness!

And of course, for the small news, I welcome you in my world ...


PS: For the record, my name is not JANNE as you can see! "JANNE" is actually a "piece" of my maiden name, and "MILL" was taken from caMILLE ... JANNE MILL!


At JANNE MILL, you will find clothes to wear every day, day and night, created just for you in limited editions.

As the creator of JANNE MILL, I imagine and design in my Parisian studio beautiful clothes for you ... sketches that come to life during the creation and manufacturing process! The studio is located at 70 rue Vaneau in Paris VII (just next to the Bon Marché Rive Gauche) and works as a showroom-boutique open on specific dates to meet you and for you to buy your favorite pieces directly on the spot !

The main idea is of course to create apparels that are pretty, but not only ! Clothes are not only "pretty", they are also "practical".

The choice of materials is essential and adapted to the use of the apparel.

My main concern is the durability of the garment. Indeed, a timeless garment must also stand the test of time, and be practical!

I am therefore looking for beautiful fabrics, whether they are natural or synthetic: they must be durable! The fabrics I choose have a nice fall, a softness and above all the idea is that in the end, our pretty piece is easy to care for (washing and ironing) and therefore adapted to our daily life!

That's why I chose to work with French suppliers in the choice of my raw materials. They are mainly manufactured in the North and East of France and in the Lyon region.

Concerning the manufacturing process, I work with several workshops:

- A workshop located in the north of France near Le Touquet

- A workshop located in Paris 

- A workshop located abroad (Tunis) whose workshop leader is a Franco-Tunisian friend. We therefore work in close collaboration to offer you always more quality.

I am always looking for new workshops, mainly in France and Europe because you are more and more numerous! JANNE MILL is going to grow but I wish to do it slowly but surely! Handpicked, the workshops I work with or wish to work with have the same characteristics: a human size, a diligent quality control and a leitmotiv: a piece that comes out of the workshop must be as beautiful inside as outside.

What I hold dear to my heart: To work in complete transparency and to respect my customers. 


Monthly, new products and restocking in LIMITED EDITIONS. 

The launch of a new capsule on the site may be subject to restocking according to customer feedback, and new apparels will be added to the collection as the season progresses.

Thank you for your attention :)

Enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to write to us at the following address : 

Clémence, in charge of ESHOP and after-sales service, will answer all your questions! As for Marie, in charge of the showroom, she will be delighted to welcome you in our beautiful studio at 70 rue Vaneau 75007 Paris !

As far as I'm concerned, I'm not in the studio all the time because I'm in between meetings with my suppliers, workshops etc., but it will always be a pleasure to meet you if I'm available the day you come to see us!

See you soon!